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  Sander Sassen - Editor in Chief, Founder 
Born on the 27th of June 1974, I unfortunately missed one of the most technologically innovative periods known to mankind. The first man in outer space, the Apollo program, and the first man on the moon, although I remember watching the launch of the first Space Shuttle in 1981, a launch that held many promises for the years to come. I would have loved to be a part of that era, but I guess someone decided otherwise for me.

During kindergarten most of my friends were heavily into Star Wars, they’d pull the curtains down, get their puppets and space ships out and switched on their flashlights. Although I too had my fair share of Star Wars gadgets, and enjoyed re-enacting my favorite movie scenes with them, I was more likely to be found building all kinds of planes, cars and robots, with intricate gear boxes and moving parts, with Lego Technic.

Around the age of seven I discovered the endless possibilities of a soldering iron and a box filled with all kinds of electronics, lamps, switches, transistors, resistors and I was quick to build me all kinds of circuitry. That soon grew out to become more than just a hobby, at the age of ten I was already building whole radios, disco-lights and what not from scratch and the laws of Kirchoff and Thevenin did not hold any secrets anymore, unfortunately the same couldn’t be said about Murphy’s.

After I was introduced to micro controllers and programmable logic, things took on more definite form and I was certain my future employment would be in electronics research and development. In the years to come I studied information technology, which basically covered everything electronic that had to do with distribution/manipulation and storage of data or rather information. I quickly followed up with a study in micro system technology as the whole area of micro machining, chip manufacturing and especially nano technology appealed to me immensely.

So how then, did I end up here? Well, like most students, studying was a lot more than just attending college and taking notes. Apart from having an interest in the classes I took computers were my other hobby. I must honestly say that I didn’t flunk just a few exams due to that hobby taking up too much of my time. But it also allowed me to do other things and actually generate some extra income other than the scholarship I got, as I certainly did not see myself working weekends and nights at the local fast food place or some other dull student’s job.

So I started writing articles for magazines, but found out that the proper, more interactive, way of going about this is writing for online publications, and backed by my education I was often able to shed a new light on things and look at technology from a different and fresh perspective. And ever since I decided to do this full time I’ve never regretted it, my professors have always advocated that true knowledge comes from hands on experience and I can only vouch for that. All the things I learned during my education I can now apply in everyday practice, and although working in electronics research and development is what I envisioned myself doing, I’m looking at new technology and new products every day, and that is something that keeps me sharp, motivated and eager to learn more.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns at all, or suggestions regarding Hardware Analysis or articles you’d like to see on Hardware Analysis, I can be reached at

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2. Sander Sassen - Editor in Chief, Founder
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