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  SnapServer 4100 Review 
  May 11, 2001, 08:00am EDT 

SnapServer 4100 Security Features

By: Sander Sassen

The SnapServer 4100 naturally has all the security features to ensure that your data is kept safe with security restrictions that control who can access the files and folders stored on the server. The default configuration allows all users on your network full access to the server, if you however want to enforce security, you can define users and/or groups and identify which of them may access your SnapServer. SnapServer can either secure an entire disk, whether an array or a single unit, or just selected folders. Before you can give or deny users access to a SnapServer however you need to define who the users are. The SnapServer allows you to define network users, local users and user groups:

  • Network users are users whose information the SnapServer obtains form a Microsoft or Novell network domain. These services allow you to define users in a central location and use those definitions across your network
  • Local users are users you define on a specific SnapServer. All of their user information is stored on the SnapServer. If you have other SnapServers on your network you can easily import these users from one server to another
  • User groups can either consist of network users of local users, if you've denied network users access, only local users will have access to the SnapServer

Naturally the SnapServer has a much broader range of security options in combination with the network it is connected to. All of these are either operated and enabled/disabled from the main server or through the 'security' menu in the SnapServer. The SnapServer menu allows you to set a whole range of options actually, not just security and can be easily accessed through your web browser by anyone with valid administration rights.

The screenshots below give a good impression of how the different security features are implemented on the SnapServer and look like when the server is being accessed from a web browser. As is obvious from the screenshots we've not configured any security options on our SnapServer.

SnapServer Security Menu

Fig 4. The security menu that the SnapServer displays when accessed through a web browser. Click on the image to get a larger, full screen version.

SnapServer Users Menu

Fig 5. The users menu, where you can either add or remove users or change their passwords and access. Click on the image to get a larger, full screen version.

SnapServer User Groups Menu

Fig 6. The user groups menu, where you can either add or remove users that belong to the same user group. Click on the image to get a larger, full screen version.

SnapServer Network Shares Menu

Fig 7. The network shares menu, where you can specify a directory of folder on a disk you want to make accessible to users across the network. Click on the image to get a larger, full screen version.

1. Introduction
2. NAS, basics and advantages
3. NAS, performance and use
4. SnapServer 4100 Disk Configurations
5. SnapServer 4100 Security Features
6. Supported Network Environments
7. SnapServer 4100 Internals
8. Technical Support
9. Conclusion

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SnapServer 4100
Performance: 8/10
Stability: 8/10
Quality: 8/10
Features: 8/10
Documentation: 6/10
Price: 6/10
Overall Rating: 7/10

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