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  Abit KT7A-RAID Review 
  May 17, 2001, 09:00am EDT 

Quality Control, Something Missing?

By: Dan Mepham

Letís be frank for a moment. There are a lot of reports of malfunctioning Abit products out there. Too many. Weíve confirmed this with resellers, who have told us that Abit products generally experience a higher RMA rate than others. In fact, itís becoming a not-so-rare occurrence for an Abit board to perform with excellence for six months (more than long enough for a hardware site to review it, and forget about it), and then stop altogether.

Why is this? There could be any number of reasons. Lower grade components being used, cheaper assembly standards, or even a poor overall design from the get go. We donít know, and it doesnít matter. What does matter is that Abitís RMA rate is sitting noticeably higher than most others right now, and as potential users of its products, thatís something our readers need to be aware of.

Not all Abit boards are bad. Not all are going to break. In fact, the vast majority will be just fine. But some wonít. On average, more wonít than other brands, it would appear, and this is something we want our readers to be aware of. Again, if youíre considering buying this board, check the ĎRate This Productí section before you buy, and see what other users of the board are saying.

1. Introduction
2. Specs, Box Contents & Installation
3. The KT133A Chipset
4. Layout & Features
5. Overclocking
6. Tech Support
7. Test Setup & Procedure
8. Test Results
9. Quality Control, Something Missing?
10. Conclusion

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