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  Intel Dual Xeon DP Review 
  May 21, 2001, 09:00am EDT 

Benchmark summary

By: Sander Sassen

Upon looking at the benchmarks and especially those generated by SiSoft Sandra, the Xeon DP packs a memory throughput and overall raw performance that is nothing short from impressive. But as we indicated earlier, Sandra doesn’t really stress the system, its more a measure of raw performance, not a substitute for real world performance. As one thing is clear when looking at the SYSmark 2001 scores, the benchmark is in favor of the Xeon DP configuration:

Internet Cont. Creat. score, Xeon DP: 250
Internet Cont. Creat. score, Pentium III Xeon: 170
Internet Cont. Creat. Performance increase: (250/170 x 100%) = 47%

Office Productivity score, Xeon DP: 161
Office Productivity score, Pentium III Xeon: 132
Office Productivity Performance increase: (161/132 x 100%) = 22%

Overall SYSmark 2001 Performance increase = 34%

SPECviewperf is another story, as mentioned before, it is a professional OpenGL benchmark and does a number of tests that are standardized within the benchmark. Overall the SPECviewperf was clearly in favor of the Pentium III Xeon configuration.

SPECviewperf Awadvs-04 score, Xeon DP: 41.92
SPECviewperf Awadvs-04 score, Pentium III Xeon: 59.90
SPECviewperf Awadvs-04 Performance increase: (41.92/59.90 x 100%) = -30%

SPECviewperf DRV-07 score, Xeon DP: 11.79
SPECviewperf DRV-07 score, Pentium III Xeon: 12.13
SPECviewperf DRV-07 Performance increase: (11.79/12.13 x 100%) = -2.8%

SPECviewperf DX-06 score, Xeon DP: 14.64
SPECviewperf DX-06 score, Pentium III Xeon: 16.82
SPECviewperf DX-06 Performance increase: (14.64/16.82 x 100%) = -13%

SPECviewperf Light-04 score, Xeon DP: 4.29
SPECviewperf Light-04 score, Pentium III Xeon: 5.40
SPECviewperf Light-04 Performance increase: (4.29/5.40 x 100%) = -21%

SPECviewperf MedMCAD-01 score, Xeon DP: 19.94
SPECviewperf MedMCAD-01 score, Pentium III Xeon: 18.10
SPECviewperf MedMCAD-01 Performance increase: (19.94/18.10 x 100%) = 10%

SPECviewperf ProCDRS-03 score, Xeon DP: 16.17
SPECviewperf ProCDRS-03 score, Pentium III Xeon: 13.35
SPECviewperf ProCDRS-03 Performance increase: (16.17/13.35 x 100%) = 21%

Overall SPECviewperf Performance increase = -6.0%

3DMark 2001 scores are equally conclusive, although the GeForce2 Ultra was often really being pushed to the limit and framerate really dropped to a crawl, the Xeon DP platform still managed to best the Pentium III Xeon’s score.

Overall 3DMark 2001 Performance increase: (3440/3025 x 100%) = 13.7%

Unfortunately we were unable to complete even a single run of Video2000 with the Pentium III Xeon platform, the system just kept locking up, whatever solution we tried, none of them worked unfortunately.

1. Introduction
2. Pentium Xeon DP
3. Dual Xeon DP Workstation
4. Performance evaluation
5. Benchmark evaluation
6. Benchmark results
7. Benchmark summary
8. Conclusion

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