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  Daily Column, June 20th 
  Jun 20, 2001, 05:12am EDT 
By: Sander Sassen

What's new for today? Not much actually. I'm working on a 'How to build your own PC' article, which is basically a step by step guide on how to build your own PC. I realize some of you don't have a problem with building your own, but many have yet to see the insides of a computer, let alone build one.

On a different note, nVidia seems to be rather difficult to work with, sent Bryan, their PR manager, a couple of emails in reply to his message, but I have yet to get a reply. I might have come off a little harsh in my emails, as I more or less questioned the nForce and pictured it as a marketing hype.

He, or his execs, either don't like the fact we're so critical and advocate the 'show-us-the-money' attitude or the product is simply not ready for evaluation yet, But that, quite frankly, makes me wonder where those prospective performance numbers came from.

Or we could just be pushing things too much and they'd rather go with someone thats a bit more positive about the product. I noticed startup tech site ExtremeTech has a preview up and has a sample as well. That makes me wonder about the way nVidia hands out samples, ExtremeTech is operated by ZD, Ziff Davis, and they're just getting into the enthusiast market to make a profit, unlike us and many others. Why would nVidia hand out a sample to a site that has just been up a week and neglect all the others like Anand, Tom's (hmm, said the T-word), Overclockers and us, money talks?

But anyway, also still waiting for the Athlon MP CPUs, talked to Drew and Damon at AMD and they seem to be willing to get us some samples. Got the Tyan Thunder K7 and 512MB of Crucial registered DDR SDRAM in, so we're basically good to go.

In the meantime Dan has got some great stuff in the works, as he'll be looking into some nice products. And I have something in store that'll be a first for all the tweakers and upgrade fanatics out there, and no, no supercooling, overclocking or fancy neon lights this time around, but it'll be an interesting read nonetheless.

Sander Sassen


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