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  Daily Column, June 21st 
  Jun 21, 2001, 11:00am EDT 
By: Sander Sassen

I知 sorry for those of you that are looking for the latest news in the computer industry, my column for today is about as far off from computers as you can be. As you may have read in my previous columns I知 working on a Koi fishpond and that seems to be taking up an awful lot of my time. But the end result should be well worth it. I got some emails from a few people asking whether I could shoot some pictures and thus I just stepped out with the camera and snapped a few.

Koi fish pond

Fig 1. The newly dug fish pond, measuring 4-meters in length, 1-metre in width and 1.2-metres in depth.

Here痴 the fishpond, measuring 4-meters in length, 1-metre in width and 1.2-metres in depth. Took me about two days to dig it out, and another week to get all the poles and woodwork in properly. It actually has a wooden frame to support the high vertical wall and has poles going 1.2-meters into the ground to make it sturdy. When I知 done with prepping it and the liner is in it値l hold a massive 4800-liters of water.

Filter chamber

Fig 2. The filter chamber, actually just a hole in the ground really, but that'll change soon.

I was actually out shopping yesterday, for a filter, a pump and all the tubing and extras needed to get a good waterflow and oxygen levels in my pond. I値l be using a powerful submersible pump in combination with a pressurized filter that also has UVC. Basically UVC is used to kill all algae and bacteria that could potentially turn the water green. I知 actually building a filter chamber right next to the pond in that triangle. It is just big enough to fit all the parts and has also some room to spare for a transformer to power the submersible pond lights.

Okay, a little bit of computer related news then, I just finished and posted the 践ow to build your own PC? article. It basically is a guideline for those that have yet to build their first PC, or would like to know how others got about it. I tried to make it as straightforward and self-explanatory as I could but be sure to point out anything I missed or should add.

Sander Sassen


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