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  Daily Column, June 29th 
  Jun 29, 2001, 10:00am EDT 
By: Sander Sassen

Okay, what do we have in store for you today? Let me first apologize for the lack of new articles this week, were working on a couple of new ones but they took a little while longer to complete and wed rather put up something decent and worth your time than some half-baked writeup.

Athlon MP CPU and Taisol Cooler

Fig 1. AMD 1.2GHz Athlon MP CPU and Taisol cooler, and nice antistatic boxes with AMD logo.

Anyway, as I mentioned a couple of days ago AMD shipped us two Athlon MPs and two Taisol heatsinks that arrived yesterday actually. So I might as well consider them a belated birthday gift, thanks! Ill be putting the 760MP system through its paces this weekend and have it run for at least 72-hours to see if any problems occur and then well start working on some of the benchmarks wed like to run.

All of you have been really helpful with benchmark application suggestions as I posted in this thread, so we should now have enough material to go with. However if you have any additional recommendations, be sure to let us know so we can get those in if possible. Were currently still waiting for the Iwill DS400-XN motherboard so we can have the dual AMD go head to head with dual Xeon, thatll be an interesting comparison.

AMD Athlon MP CPU core

Fig 2. The Athlon MP core, these are identical to the normal production CPUs as the bridges are cut.

Allright, I guess Ill better get started with setting that AMD 760MP platform up and get it up and running for the night running some SETI or Genome and then well see how it fairs. Not sure if either SETI or Genome has any SSE support so well see what happens, should be interesting. Have a good weekend, and be sure to let me know if there's anything you think I should look into!

Sander Sassen


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