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  Chaintech 6VJD Motherboard 
  Jul 05, 2001, 10:00am EDT 


By: Dan Mepham

The Chaintech 6VJD is an okay product. The problem with ‘okay’ products is that their success is purely dependent on other products, rather than themselves. If there’s nothing better around, an ‘okay’ product can seem excellent by comparison, and will sell like crazy. Likewise, if there are loads of better options around, an ‘okay’ okay product seems rather poor in contrast. Just ask VIA.

So the question then becomes, ‘Are there better options’? Unfortunately for Chaintech, the answer is yes. Though no fault of Chaintech’s, the Apollo Pro266 chipset isn’t really worth paying a great deal extra for, particularly when it performs only marginally better than the seasoned 815E, equipped with SDRAM.

Chaintech has taken an ‘okay’ chipset, and produced a reasonable, yet unostentatious board. If you have one already (perhaps in a pre-built system), or are able to get one for a discounted price for some reason, then we certainly don’t have a problem with the 6VJD. There’s nothing wrong with it, it will do the job, just not much more. There really is no reason to go actively looking for it, or even choose it over the board on the shelf next to it. Whether or not the 6VJD is right for you depends purely on the quality and cost of your other options. Shades of gray.

Dan Mepham

1. Introduction
2. Specs, Box Contents & Installation
3. The VIA Apollo Pro266 Chipset
4. Layout & Features
5. Overclocking
6. Technical Support
7. Test Setup & Procedure
8. Test Results
9. Summary

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Chaintech 6VJD
Performance: 7/10
Stability: 7/10
Quality: 8/10
Features: 5/10
Layout: 6/10
Documentation: 6/10
Price: 8/10
Overall Rating: 6/10

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