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  Daily Column, July 25th 
  Jul 25, 2001, 11:00am EDT 
By: Sander Sassen

Seems like Iíve been pretty harsh on Tyan the past few days but judging by the majority of the emails I got from our readers it looks like most of you agree with our point of view. Nevertheless Iíd like to mention that Tyan has gotten in touch with us again and is trying to work something out, although they still seem to be rather unwilling to send us a replacement for our defective Thunder K7 just yet. I noticed Johan at Aceís whom I know personally to be an upfront an honest guy has posted a bit about our problems too and he also mentioned they were having no problems whatsoever. One thing I understood from him though is that theyíre using a Delta power supply and not an NMB. Could that make a world of difference? Maybe, but maybe not, weíll have to see how our new Thunder K7 fares with the NMB powersupply we have here.

Tyan's Thunder K7

Fig 1. Tyan's Thunder K7, this is the first sample we received and it sure has quirks.

What else? Weíre working on a couple of reviews but with the great weather, people off on holidays, companies working at half their normal speed, things are kinda slow. But donít despair; we got some nice articles in the works thatíll be worth the wait. As I mentioned earlier weíre working on a few thatíll appeal to the multimedia/gaming enthusiast as well as some that have everything to do with mobile computing.

That about wraps it up for today, Iíll be off to enjoy some of the fine weather probably be taking my mountainbike out of the tool shed, dusting it off, checking all the nuts and bolts and driving it down the downhill track thatís just 20 minutes from my home. Or I could head out to the beach, take my Wipika power kite, my surfboard and do some kitesurfing, that has been a while and Iím sure Iíll have a fun time doing it.

Sander Sassen


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