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  Daily Column, July 30th 
  Jul 30, 2001, 04:00pm EDT 
By: Sander Sassen

Looks like Tyan isnít willing to supply us with a new sample of the Thunder K7, so weíll be sending our defective motherboard back to the distributor and will not be reviewing the Tyan Thunder K7 after all. It is a shame really, as weíve already put in countless hours trying to get it up and running, talking to AMD and Tyan and many others, and Iím really disappointed to see that Tyan fails to see the validity of our and other peopleís claims.

Iím sure they think that getting us a replacement or even giving us some feedback, wonít amount to much as countless others have already published rave reviews about their product, and theyíre right, our review might be yet another look at the Tyan Thunder K7. But frankly I fail to see what better treatment an average customer would be getting if they fail to support us, a high-profile computer hardware website, with proper care and attention. Sure, they currently have the only motherboard out thatíll support dual AMD Athlons, so for now you canít go around them if you want a 760MP system. But pretty soon other manufacturers will be releasing 760MP motherboards, and then weíre talking a whole different ballgame.

If I were a customer and if I read all of the complaints about the lack of support or even the simple acknowledgement from Tyan that there could be problems Iíd certainly be thinking twice about buying a Thunder K7 right now. Iíd frankly rather wait a few months and see what 760MP motherboards from other manufacturers such as MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, etc. will be releasing and decide which one to buy after having seem some head-to-head comparisons, both in terms of performance and stability.

Speaking of which, Tyanís Tiger MP will be in our labs shortly as we will not be letting Tyan off the hook that easily. Weíll be wiping the sheet clean and take a fresh new look at this budget 760MP motherboard and are hoping we wonít run into any issues this time. One thing thatíll be getting extra attention in this review though is a look at their tech support and weíll be sure to give them something to think about.

What else? Got a whole bunch of emails from people about the nForce weíll most likely be getting in this week. And like I already said, I cannot comment on anything through email, so please donít ask me to do so cause I canít, just post in our forums. Another, rather uneventful, thing that caught my attention is that the Tualatin has finally been released, and Iím saying uneventful as Intel wonít be releasing it other than for servers or mobile applications and in a castrated version thatíll be the new Celeron. In all cases the Tualatin looses in performance and features to both AMDís Athlon and the Pentium 4. Intelís only reason for making yet another version of the Pentium III is because itíll work well with 1U rackservers and mobile applications, but itíll be nothing that youíd want in your desktop.

Sander Sassen


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