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  Daily Column, August 3rd 
  Aug 03, 2001, 10:00am EDT 
By: Sander Sassen

Okay, got some good news for today, Matt from Tyan USA got back to us and offered to ship us a replacement for our Thunder K7. Naturally we took him up on his offer and actually asked whether he’d be able to ship us a Tiger MP instead. The Tiger MP is the ‘low cost’ version of the Thunder K7, featuring the same AMD 760MP chipset, but without onboard VGA, SCSI or NICs, it does however have an option for IDE-RAID.

Tyan Tiger MP

Fig 1. Tyan's Tiger MP, the low cost alternative to their Thunder K7 flagship. Notice that it features a total of six PCI slots of which four are 64-bits.

Naturally this board comes at a much lower price point than their Thunder K7 flagship, average retail price should be $250, so it is affordable and therefore a much better alternative than the Thunder K7 for most people. What is included with the Tiger MP? Fortunately Tyan did keep four 64-bits PCI slots, the Thunder K7 has five, and four DIMM slots, so it qualifies for demanding applications such as a workstation or server platform. To be honest I personally prefer this motherboard over the Thunder K7 as it allows me to pick my own SCSI controller, NICs and graphics card.

But even better, this motherboard does away with the need for a WTX power supply as it accepts any +300-watts ATX powersupply through its ATX power connector. Quite frankly we’d opt for at least a 400-watts power supply in this case as we’re powering two Athlons, for example, the Antec SX-840 case would make a great case for the Tiger MP as it comes with a nice 400-watts powersupply that AMD approved too. We’ll be using this case in our upcoming review of the Tiger MP, as we plan on reviewing that motherboard regardless, whether Tyan sends us a Tiger MP or not.

Sander Sassen


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