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  Radeon 8500, ATi flexes some muscle 
  Aug 14, 2001, 09:00am EDT 

Benchmarks, Serious Sam

By: Sander Sassen

The first benchmark used is Serious Sam. Serious Sam is a first person shooter that features high quality textures and is backed by a very versatile OpenGL engine with lots of options for adjusting performance and graphics quality settings within the game. We’ve run Serious Sam with a 1024x768x32-bits resolution with every performance and graphics quality setting set to maximum, with the exception of anisotropic filtering, which was disabled.

Fig 1. Serious Sam frame rates, measured with all settings at maximum with a 1024x768x32-bits resolution.

The next figure has the maximum fillrate as measured by Serious Sam, not surprisingly the GeForce3, with help of the Detonator4 drivers comes out on top. Nevertheless the Radeon 8500 scores an impressive 461-Megapixels/s, not bad for a beta-driver and a engineering sample. We can only expect this to improve over the next months when ATi readies the new Radeon for a release in September.
Fig 2. Serious Sam fill rates, measured with all settings at maximum with a 1024x768x32-bits resolution.

1. Introduction
2. Features a plenty
3. Benchmark Setup
4. Benchmarks, Serious Sam
5. Benchmarks, Quake III Arena
6. Benchmarks, 3D Mark2001
7. Conclusion

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