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  FIC Announces Two New Motherboards for Intel 845 Chipset. 
  Sep 10, 2001, 09:30am EDT 
Taipei, September 10th - First International Computer Inc. (FIC) this morning became one of world’s first Motherboard manufacturers to launch boards based on the exciting new Intel 845 chipset. The VC11 and VC31 motherboards combine the raw power and unrivalled clock speed of the Pentium 4 processor with the convenience of low cost SDRAM memory. They both support Pentium 4 CPUs (478-pin FC-PGA2 package) from 1.4GHz - 2.0GHz+.

"Intel's 845 Chipset has been eagerly awaited by the computer industry because it allows the high performance P4 processor to work with cheap SDRAM memory," said President of FIC's Networking and Information Group, Gene Sheu, in a statement this morning. "Our engineers have put tremendous effort into creating two motherboards that best utilize this advanced technology and that have displayed outstanding performance during our rigorous testing process. We would like to thank Intel for their excellent cooperation with us in helping to bring these boards to market."

Intel's P4 CPU features highly advanced "Netburst" micro-architecture: this doubles the instruction pipeline, runs ALU at 2x core frequency and significantly improves L1 and L2 cache performance. In addition, it provides 400MHz Front Side Bus and has an improved instruction set (SSE2). The VC11 and VC31 motherboards are fully packed with features to best utilize this technology, including 1x AGP 4X slot, ATA/100, On-Board Audio, optional LAN and 1x CNR slot. Both boards use an Intel 845 North Bridge and an Intel ICH2 South Bridge.

In allowing the P4 CPU to use SDRAM memory, the VC11 and VC31 motherboards offer end users an impressive combination of low cost and ultra high performance.

The VC11 Motherboard
Form Factor: ATX
Memory: 3x DIMM Sockets up to 3GB PC133 SDRAM
Expansion Slots: 1x AGP 4X, 5x PCI, 1x CNR

The VC31 Motherboard
Form Factor: Micro ATX
Memory: 2x DIMM Sockets up to 2GB PC133 SDRAM
Expansion Slots: 1x AGP 4X, 3x PCI, 1x CNR

Novus and Software Highlights

At home or in the office, all users are sure to appreciate FIC's pioneering NOVUS suite of features, which offers advanced utilities such as Overclock Partner, Logo Genie, BIOS Guardian and Hot Key. Overclockers will love the multiple clock settings, and the superior package of bundled software also includes Norton Anti-Virus 2001, Ghost and Personal Firewall 2001 - for a very high level of system security. The unique combination of makes these cost-efficient/high performance board a pleasure to use.

VC11 Motherboard VC31 Motherboard


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