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  The Aftermath of Evil 
  Sep 12, 2001, 11:00am EDT 


By: Sander Sassen

So have we brought this upon ourselves? Iím sure the religious fanatics will agree with that point of view, as in their perspective they are defending themselves with any means possible. However any act of such profound implication cannot be justified by religious beliefs alone, weíre not living in the stone ages anymore. But frankly, what did they accomplish? What was the goal of their terrible and horrendous attack? Their attack was targeted to break the moral of the American people, and the Western world in general and strike fear in the hearts of those that are proud to be an American and show them that the almighty US of A can be struck at its financial and military heart with weapons made up of commercial airliners and their unfortunate passengers.

Are we presented with the bill for our meddling in foreign affairs, where we were mostly concerned about our economic and military interests? Yes and no, naturally we acted in our own best interest and it may come as no surprise to many that politics at times can be a rather dirty game played over the backs of innocent people. But nothing justifies killing innocent people in this magnitude or rather the killing of any individual. Violence and terrorist actions have never been the proper forum to advocate a religion, get attention for a cause or simply making yourself heard. I don't see Greenpeace blowing up ships in order to get attention, or to stop these ships from hunting down whales, it simply is not the proper way of doing it.

They however chose violence as a means of fighting for their cause. Bombing cars, buildings and in this case using commercial airliners as flying bombs to bring down the WTC and part of the Pentagon and killing thousands in the process. How do you respond to such a clear attack against innocent people? Retaliate with a full nuclear strike? Leave a big gaping hole the size of the country that harbored these people? Weed out the roots of these religious fanatics? Or start addressing some of the issues these people seem to have with the Western World?

Naturally we need to make sure the people responsible for this attack are brought to justice and any nation harboring or supporting them being punished. But will that be sufficient? Would that safeguard us from future attacks? Iím afraid not, these fanatics fight for a cause, a cause that might look insignificant or trivial to us, but might mean the world to them. Killing all of these fanatics might rid us of the problem for a while, but you simply cannot justify genocide and thus weíll soon be faced with a new generation of fanatics thatíll be even more eager an willing to fight for their cause.

There comes a time when these people will have access to something more powerful than an airliner or a few hundred pounds of C4-explosive. I donít dare to think of the devastation and loss of human life a 2-megaton nuclear bomb will have on the population of New York, or a massive attack with a nerve gas during rush hour traffic. Furthermore, if they can pull off these kind of low-tech attacks, what is next? Pollution of our drinking water? Chemical warfare? Or maybe another commercial airliner on a collision course with a densely populated area?

1. Introduction
2. Religious fanaticism
3. Justifications?
4. Solutions?

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