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  The Aftermath of Evil 
  Sep 12, 2001, 11:00am EDT 


By: Sander Sassen

Good title? I’m sure the majority of our readers would agree, as they feel yesterday’s events clearly display what humans are capable of at their worst. However I’m sure some of the Palestinians or the fanatic Muslims would not agree with that and rather refer to it as ‘Allah’s revenge’ or the ‘Wrath of Allah’. To them it is a display of the strength of their beliefs, a justification for all the harm, physical or psychological, done to them by the US and the Western nations in general.

Are they wrong in feeling that way? From our perspective they are, we are shocked to see images of Palestinians celebrating in the streets of Gaza. However to them it is a testimony of their accomplishments, a new milestone in a bombing and killing spree that has spanned the globe. They celebrate the fact that yesterday’s tragic events demonstrated that the Western World and its largest nation, both economical and military, in particular could be harmed where it hurts the most.

And although President Bush was quick to comment that this didn’t affect the government or the military one bit and everything was under control, his staff and the majority of Americans must have been struck with pure disbelief and horror to see those airliners collide with the WTC and subsequently witness both the towers collapsing. Some refer to it as another Pearl Harbor, and I can partly agree with that, as it certainly came without warning and killed thousands of people. But that is about where the analogy ends.

In the case of Pearl Harbor the targets were mostly military and the identity of the enemy was no secret either, all of their bombs read ‘made in Japan’ and so did their aircraft. In this case we got four hijacked commercial airliners with crew and passengers being used as a weapon against us, with no obvious clue as to who orchestrated these attacks. One thing is clear though, this is the work of people with no respect or appreciation for American lives and willing to die for their cause.

1. Introduction
2. Religious fanaticism
3. Justifications?
4. Solutions?

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