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  Abit ST6-RAID 815EP B-Step Review. 
  Sep 21, 2001, 08:00am EDT 

Test Results

By: Dan Mepham

ApplicationNumber of Crashes Caused RC50
SETI@home Client V30
MadOnion 3DMark20000
WinAmp MP3 Playback0
Intel IOMeter0
Operating System (requiring Hard-boot)0

Intel’s official specifications dictate that the 815 (G)MCH is capable of accommodating six rows of PC100 memory, but only four rows of PC133 memory. In fact, the MCH is capable of addressing six rows of PC133 as well, but Intel simply doesn’t ‘recommend’ it, as electrical issues can potentially affect stability at 133 MHz. That in mind, loading a board with six rows (3 double-sided DIMMs) is a great way to investigate stability and quality. We’re happy to report that the ST6-RAID breezed through all our tests with six rows of PC133 memory installed. In other words, even when running in conditions outside Intel’s official specifications, the board performed excellently.

The single crash experienced came during the 3DMark2001 installation. At this point, it seemed a random crash, as subsequent 3DMark2001 installs went off without a hitch.

 STREAM Memory BandwidthQuake 3 Arena (640x480x16)
Abit ST6-RAID, 133MHz / 133MHz (FSB/Mem)388 MB/s166.5
Chaintech 6VJD (VIA Pro266), 133MHz / 266MHz (FSB/Mem)474 MB/s167.5
Iwill DVD266-R (VIA Pro266), 133MHz / 266MHz (FSB/Mem)556 MB/s170.4 (no SMP), 183.8 (w. SMP)
Intel D815EEA (Intel 815E), 133MHz / 133MHz (FSB/Mem)364 MB/s162.5

No real surprises here - pretty much what we'd expect from an 815 board.

1. Introduction
2. Specs, Box Contents & Installation
3. Features & Layout
4. Overclocking - SoftMenu III, Still the King
5. Test Setup & Procedure
6. Test Results
7. Summary

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