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  Nvidia's Titanium, Upholding the 6-month Product Cycle. 
  Oct 02, 2001, 07:00am EDT 


By: Sander Sassen

I’m sure you haven’t missed out on the introduction of Nvidia’s latest, as there’s been a plethora of reviews about Nvidia’s Titanium series been posted yesterday. There really wasn’t a single website that didn’t at least have the pressrelease up and an impressive number of websites actually had gotten their hands on a sample. And quite frankly that is just what I expected, as anything but a full scale introduction might have taken some of the edge off due to ATi’s new Radeon lurking around the corner. In that perspective Nvidia’s timing is once again impeccable as they’re introducing their new Titanium series right before ATi starts shipping their highly anticipated Radeon 7500, 8500 and 8800, hoping to draw attention away from ATi’s products.

Has Nvidia got anything to worry about then? Well, judging from the performance of early, pre-production, samples of the Radeon 8500 they most certainly do. Although the pre-production ATi 8500 wasn’t able to really outperform Nvidia’s GeForce3 in all tests, it did show that even a pre-production card, with beta drivers and some features disabled was already able to provide competition for Nvidia’s high-end 3D accelerator. As we’ve seen from many of the Radeon 8500 (p)review, ours included, the Radeon 8500 offered more than just a boost in performance but has some advanced new features that really make it a next generation product.

Naturally Nvidia couldn’t stay too far behind and thus yesterday was the introduction of a new line of cards, dubbed the Titanium series. Meant to secure the performance crown and once again up the bar for the competition.

1. Introduction
2. Titanium series
3. Conclusion

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