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  Daily Column, October 2nd 
  Oct 02, 2001, 09:00am EDT 
By: Sander Sassen

Good morning. Don’t you just love it when a new product is released? Every website has either a press release or a (p)review up detailing the new product. I must say Nvidia’s PR department deserves a pad on the back once more, they’ve made sure the new GeForce Titanium series didn’t go unnoticed and the 1st of October of 2001 might well go down in the books as being ‘Ti-day’. But if you look more closely you’ll notice that many of these (p)reviews just cut ‘n paste the images from the press kit they’ve been sent and simply re-word the press release at bit to make it into a full blown article.

Having read over a dozen (p)reviews already I get that tickly sensation all over again, a feeling of deja-vu, or rather a flashback to earlier product introductions that actually also caused websites to suddenly start posting their (p)reviews en-masse. However letting the world know you have a new product out doesn’t automatically mean that everybody is going to run out and buy it, nor does it mean that everybody considers your product to be the only product. I’m sure we’re all very aware that others, such as ATi, still have some cards up their sleeves too. They might not be able to pull off a PR stunt of the magnitude like Nvidia can, but they sure can provide stiff competition.

Nvidia has now twice been interfering with ATi’s releases, a few days prior to the introduction of the new Radeons they released the Detonator 4 drivers to a select group of people that immediately did big articles detailing the up-to 30% gains in performance from these drivers. What kept Nvidia from going the extra mile with their drivers before? They needed an impulse, ATi’s pending release of a competitive product, to start putting the pedal to the metal. So basically they’ve led us to believe that the marginal increases in performance pervious builds offered was all they could muster. Looks like they’ve been pulling our chain or rather they’ve been slacking in the driver department as these drivers suddenly did boost performance by quite a bit. A weird coincidence is it not?

As for yesterday's launch, isn’t it typical that ATi is about to ship their products in the next week(s) or so, and once again Nvidia is ready, willing and able to take some of the edge off of that introduction and turn some heads towards their own, quite possibly under-performing, products. PR can be a tricky game and as numerous other product introductions and press releases from Nvidia have pointed out, they can play that game all too well. For us, the consumers, it is vital that we keep an open mind and don’t buy into all of the hype, the fantastic performance and features of these new products, either from Nvidia, ATi or another manufacturer, but rather rely on cold, hard analysis from independent 3rd party evaluation of these products. Only then we’ll be able to see these products for what they truely are and will brush aside all the marketing BS and well phrased marketing slogans. The truth is, as usual, in the eye of the beholder.

Sander Sassen


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