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  Daily Column, October 3rd 
  Oct 03, 2001, 10:00am EDT 
By: Sander Sassen

Today Tyan’s Tiger MP made it to our doorstep courtesy of Tyan USA and Matt Vernon in particular. Thanks! We aim to give this motherboard, and the 760MP platform as a whole, a very in-depth and thorough investigation and we’ll be building a workstation-class system around it comprising of some high-end parts. The storage sub-system will be all SCSI, with an Adaptec 29160 64-bits PCI SCSI controller, a Toshiba SD-M1401 10x SCSI DVD-rom and we’re trying to get our hands on either a 15.000-rpm Seagate Cheetah or the 15.000-rpm IBM Ultrastar 36Z15. Both these drives are easily some of the finest drives money can buy and we're interested to see what kind of performance they’ll turn in, in combination with Tyan’s Tiger MP.

Tiger MP in Antec SX-840 case

Fig 1. The Tyan Tiger MP motherboard equipped with two 1.2GHz Athlon MP CPUs which in turn feature two Alpha Inc. aluminum heatsinks.

Naturally Crucial was kind enough to provide us with 2 x 256Mb of registered ECC DDR SDRAM making for 512Mb of memory in total, whereas the CPUs are the 1.2GHz AMD Athlon MPs, provided by AMD. We’re still thinking about what videocard to use, both Elsa and Gainward were kind enough to send us a GeForce3, and especially the Gainward has ViVo capabilities and looks like a great card overall. Naturally we’ll be looking into other options too, such as Matrox’ G550 and the other flavors of GeForce. There’s also the option of using some of the higher-end videocards such as Elsa’s Gloria series, it basically comes down to what type of workstation we’d want this system to be.

The ATX-case we’ll be using is Antec’s SX-840 which is a nice semi-full-size tower with excellent options for cooling, plenty of drive-bays, good internal layout and a 400-watts AMD-approved power supply to top it off with. We’ve seen many nice cases, but without a doubt this Antec, and the smaller SX-635 we expect to receive this week also, are some of the best cases we’ve worked with. They offer plenty of room, are easy to access and Antec’s power supplies have always been top-notch. The purchase of a case is something that is often overlooked and should really deserve some attention, in case you’re looking for a good case, these certainly should not be overlooked.

Sander Sassen


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