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  SOYO Announces UDMA 133 Support On SY-K7ADA Motherboard. 
  Oct 10, 2001, 02:26pm EDT 
FREMONT, CA (October 10, 2001) SOYO Inc. today announced its SY-K7ADA motherboard became the first board to support the new UDMA 133 standard for high-speed data transfers at 133 MBs per second.

SOYO's SY-K7ADA is designed for AMD's Socket A Duron/Thunderbird CPUs. It features Acer Laboratories Inc.'s (Ali) ALiMAGiK chipset. It supports 200MHz or 266MHz system bus and is compatible with faster performance and more economical double data rate (DDR) memory.

The integration of UDMA 133 elevates the SY-K7ADA to a higher level for systems and applications, which require transferring large amounts of data such as digital video or gaming. Since DV content is performance-drive and very dense, SOYO allows users to build systems with UDMA133-supported hard drive in order to store huge amounts of digital content, and transfer content more smoothly and with interrupted streams, according to Ming Chok SOYO VP of Engineering.

UDMA 133 surpasses the current UDMA 100MB/s standard without adding cost. SOYO maintains value and compatibility by utilizing the current technologies, interfaces and connectors. UDMA 133 is backward compatible with 33/66/100-based drives. List price of the SY-K7ADA with UDMA 133 support is $99 (U.S.) with discounts to volume buyers.

Other standard features on the SY-K7ADA include: three DDR SDRAM memory sockets; expansion slots include five 32-bit PCI slots, one AGP 4x/2x/1x-supported slot, a pair of; 2 serial ports, 1 parallel port, Floppy Disk Drive (FDD) port, and IrDA (infra-red). The board also features USB version 1.1 with 6 ports, 2 rear and 4 front.

Advanced features include an optional Sigmatel AC97 CODEC, which provides host-based audio support. SOYO makes it easy to custom configure the board directly through the BIOS setup page without jumpers with the SOYO AI-BIOS and Combo Set-up feature. Users can select a combination of CPU FSB and PCI bus clock speeds. The CPU core voltage can also be adjusted through the BIOS directly without setting any jumpers.

Source: SOYO Computer, Inc


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