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  Daily Column, October 30th 
  Oct 30, 2001, 03:00pm EST 
By: Sander Sassen

Have we dropped off the face of the earth? Been sucked into a huge quantum vortex? Shipped ourselves in a box to address unknown? No, we’ve just been busy working on a couple of articles and due to the lack of news and worthwhile product introductions there just wasn’t much to comment on. We just received a number of motherboards based on Via’s KT266A chipset, of which the Soyo Dragon Plus! looks like a winner out of the box.

The Tiger MP, AMD 760 MP review is coming along nicely, we received two Athlon MP 1800+ CPUs from AMD and they sure make for an impressive system. We’re still shaving off the rough edges whilst molding it into a high-end workstation with all bells and whistles attached, we just want to make sure that if we present the article we’ve given it enough thought and ‘bench-time’ to make a solid evaluation of the 760 MP platform.

So what is to expect in the next few weeks? The above mentioned 760MP article and quite possibly a look at those KT266A motherboards and we’re also looking into doing a follow up to the notebook upgrading article, as that has gotten a lot of attention and was very much appreciated. That next generation Rambus piece is also about done, just needs some benchmarks and a good second look at scalability at different clockspeeds. As I already mentioned we’ll be looking at PC-1066 and PC-1200 speeds of which the latter will be introduced probably about a year from now, so that should be an interesting read.

Also we’re getting a Northwood CPU and i845 DDR motherboard in somewhere next month and if the NDA allows for it we’ll be sure to look at performance and scalability as well as the performance delta between the older Willamette and the new Northwood core as well as the old and new i845 chipset. Naturally we’ll be sure to compare those to the scores we’ve gotten from the PC-1066 and PC-1200 Rambus platform.

Sander Sassen


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