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  A Look at Maxtor's D740X, and ATA-133 
  Nov 08, 2001, 07:00am EST 

Performance - IOMeter

By: Dan Mepham" alt="IOMeter" border=0>" alt="IOMeter" border=0>

In both cases, the add-on controller very slightly improved the performance of our DiamondMax Plus 60. We can therefore conclude that it would have the same slight performance enhancing effect on the D740X as well, and so the D740X would actually perform slightly slower using an on-board controller supporting ATA-133. In both cases, the impact is minimal, however we've included the approximation anyway.

In both cases, the DiamondMax Plus D740X continues to turn in impressive results. In both our light and heavy load tests, the D740X weighs in at approximately 15% faster than the DiamondMax Plus 60.

ATA-133, on the other hand, had little to no effect on performance. Performance did improve when using the ATA-133 bus as opposed to ATA-100, but by only around 2% at best. In other words, ATA-133 has no major effect here.

1. Introduction
2. New Standards, Old Parallels
3. ATA-133, All Show, No Go?
4. PCI Bus Loading
5. Maxtor's DiamondMax Plus D740X
6. Test Setup & Procedure
7. Performance - Burst Transfer Rate
8. Performance - Access Time
9. Performance - Sequential Transfer Rates
10. Performance - IOMeter
11. Performance - SYSMark
12. Conclusion
13. Appendix A

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