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  MSI Introduces K7N420 Pro Motherboard with nForce420D Chipset. 
  Nov 16, 2001, 02:39pm EST 
MSI announces its first mainboard based on nVIDIA's brand new nForce420D chipset, the MSI K7N420 Pro. The MSI K7N420 Pro supports the AMD Socket A Athlon XP, Athlon and Duron Processors. The nForce PC platform architecture is a revolutionary new system integrating the nForce Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP) and the nForce Media and Communications Processor (MCP) for significantly high performance. With a design rich in MSI features like Live BIOS, Live Driver, and TV-Out Riser card support (optional), this audio and graphics integrated mainboard offers a high performance and cost competitive solution for average users and performance enthusiasts alike.

The MSI K7N420 Pro mainboard is also equipped with nVIDIA's GeForce2 MX GPU integrated in the nForce IGP for high quality graphics. The nForce MCP integrates an Audio Processing Unit (APU) with a Dolby Digital 5.1 real-time encoder; Stream Thru, enhanced data streaming technology for superior broadband and networking performance; and the industry's most complete media and communications suite, including support for 10/100 Ethernet and USB. The MSI K7N420 Pro's 5 PCI /1 AGP /1 CNR expansion slot design and the integrated RJ-45 Ethernet connector, offer ample flexibility to most users.

The MSI K7N420 Pro conforms to the ATX form factor and has a total of three DDR slots that support up to 3.0GB DDR SDRAM memory. The 128-bit Twin Bank Memory Architecture, a dual channel DDR SDRAM memory interface, gives the memory controller access to 4.2 GB/s of theoretical peak bandwidth. The extra bandwidth is Crucial for good performance from the integrated 175 MHz Geforce2MX GPU. In addition to that, the MSI K7N420 Pro is reinforced by the AMD Hyper Transfer Technology integrated onto both the nForce IGP and the nForce MCP, delivering the highest continuous throughput between the two platforms, substantially improving overall system level performance.

In addition to its excellent performance, new technologies and stability, the MSI K7N420 Pro also offers the following features:

Integrated nVIDIA Audio

The nForce MCP with integrated nVIDIA Audio Processing Unit brings unprecedented 3D positional audio and Microsoft DirectX 8.0-compatible performance to the PC. It provides high quality sound with a Dolby Digital 5.1 real-time encoder and saves the cost of an additional audio card.

Supports TV-Out Riser Card (Optional)

The K7N420 Pro supports the possibility to play games or watch movies on TV via the MSI 6952 TV-Out Riser Card.

Supports SPDIF-out

With SPDIF-out onboard, users enjoy the benefit of Dolby digital sound with an external Dolby digital Decoder/Amplifier without any additional costs.

Supports Live Driver

The Live Driver is the latest innovation from MSI developed with the convenience of users in mind. This 'auto-installation' software program allows users to automatically download and install the latest drivers for their motherboards from MSI website.


A useful software tool from MSI. Live BIOS compares the current BIOS version automatically with the latest version available on the web; Links to the site to download the latest version of BIOS and updates it.

STR (Suspend to RAM)

PC 99 and PCI 2.2 Specification Compliant and Certified

K7N420 Pro

Source: MSI


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