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  Iwill XP333-R Motherboard 
  Dec 14, 2001, 08:30am EST 


By: Dan Mepham

If youíve been keeping an eye on the XP333-R, and have read through this article, you no doubt have a sense of what the board is about. Thereís probably very little we can say that isnít already quite obvious.

This board is, in every way, designed for the tweakers and overclockers out there. For a typical home userís PC, itíll work great too, but itís probably overkill; there are cheaper options thatíll work just as well for someone who isnít going to push the envelope.

We have been, and remain continuously impressed with the quality and reliability of Iwill products. In terms of build quality, commitment to customers, and customer support, there isnít a better brand out there right now. Combine that with a board thatís built to be pushed to the maximum, and you have a pretty attractive product for a lot of users out there. The XP333-R is priced at a premium, but for a board that so clearly stands out against what can otherwise be best described as a sea of mediocrity, $20 extra isnít much to ask.

Some of you will no doubt wish to reserve final judgement of the board until we post performance numbers. In a way, this is a wise decision, however we submit to you that performance should be one of the last considerations when purchasing a motherboard, and certainly not the first or only consideration. While we havenít concrete numbers to show you, we can guarantee from experience that the XP333-R is within +/-5-10% of any other Athlon board out there with respect to real world performance. That 5% shouldnít, and isnít going to be the boardís selling feature in our minds. Base your decision on quality, reliability, stability and feature set before performance.

ALiís chipset drivers remain the biggest question mark here, although based on our experience with the board at this point, we have no reason to suspect anythingís amiss.

So there you have it. A very serious, very innovative board from one of the only companies out there that has shown a desire to actually listen to what its consumers want. Weíll follow up shortly with a detailed look at performance, but assuming itís on par (weíll say +/-5 to 10%, again), the XP333-R looks like a winner.

Dan Mepham

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2. Specs, Box Contents & Installation
3. Layout & Features
4. Layout & Features Continued
5. BIOS & Overclocking
6. BIOS & Overclocking Continued
7. Stability & Performance
8. Summary

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Iwill XP333-R
Stability: 10/10
Quality: 10/10
Features: 9/10
Layout: 9/10
Documentation: 8/10
Price: 8/10
Overall Rating: 9/10

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