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  Enabling DV-in on Sony Digital Camcorders 
  Jan 08, 2002, 07:30am EST 

LanC Interface Cable

By: Sander Sassen

Before we'll describe exactly how to enable your camera for DV-in let us just comment that editing the registers permanently will void your warranty. If your camcorder is still under warranty and it needs repairs later on or because something has gone horribly wrong while enabling DV-in you'll be charged the normal repair-fee for the camcorder. Even worse, even if you got DV-in working perfectly and you send it back under warranty because the LCD screen suddenly develops a growing number of dead pixels they're going to charge you for replacing the LCD and setting your firmware back to factory default. Furthermore, although all of this is thoroughly tested with a number of PC4/5 camcorders, we do not take any responsibility for using these instructions.

Enabling DV-in on the Sony PC4/5 is actually rather simple; all that is required is a custom-made interface cable that connects to your computer's printer port and the camcorder's LanC connector and some 3rd party software. Once the cable is connected we'll be able to alter the camcorder's registers and enable DV-in permanently. But lets start off with how to make the cable, as that is what you'll need to get started.

Fig 2. The schematic for the cable, only standard components are used.

Upon looking at the schematic all the components can be easily identified, the plug on the left is the 2.5-mm stereo jack that is used for the LanC connection on the camcorder, whereas the DB25M connector on the right is a male LPT 25-pin connector and connects to your PC. The cable in between is approx. 3-feet in length and is shielded, whereas the transistor, or rather mosfet, is a common N-channel mosfet rated at 60-volts, the BS-170.

Before we continue please be aware that this cable is designed to work with EPP or ECP printer ports only, so be sure to check whether your BIOS settings reflect this, if not change them, as the cable will not work with SPP or Normal settings. All modern motherboards support EPP or ECP printer ports, but take caution that notebooks might not be able to supply enough power to their printer port to use the interface cable successfully.

1. Introduction
2. LanC Interface Cable
3. Checking For Connectivity
4. Dumping Camcorder Firmware
5. Changing Register Values
6. Extra Features
7. Troubleshooting
8. Conclusion

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