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  Enabling DV-in on Sony Digital Camcorders 
  Jan 08, 2002, 07:30am EST 


By: Sander Sassen

Naturally this article wouldn’t be complete without a troubleshooting guide, as we know how wrong things could go if you, for example, accidentally pull the interface cable or manage to store a wrong register value. You’ll end up with a camcorder that isn’t working, and needs servicing by the manufacturer to get it repaired, but does it? No, DVin Lite has an emergency button that allows you to operate the camcorder even though it doesn’t have the proper checksum.

Fig 10. DVin Lite emergency button, a built-in fail-safe measure to access a camera with an invalid checksum.

You’ll know that you’ve done something wrong if you turn off the camcorder and remove the battery or AC-adapter and put it back on. The camcorder will beep and display a yellow box with a flashing battery symbol and turn itself off after a few seconds.

Fortunately with the help of DVin Lite we can override the checksum and be able to modify the registers to get it working again. You simply plug in the interface cable and run DVin Lite and press the ‘Emergency’ button a few times when you turn on the camcorder. This will allow you to get back into DVin Lite and change the register values once more, be sure to enter the correct values this time. We’d advice you to reset the camcorder to factory defaults prior to doing this though, simply by pushing the reset button.

1. Introduction
2. LanC Interface Cable
3. Checking For Connectivity
4. Dumping Camcorder Firmware
5. Changing Register Values
6. Extra Features
7. Troubleshooting
8. Conclusion

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