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  Iwill DP400, Tualatins and more 
  Jan 31, 2002, 09:00am EST 
By: Sander Sassen

Good morning. We’ve just received Iwill’s DP400 motherboard the other day, and as you can see we already have a banner ad up that advertises for it, so it should be available shortly. All I can say is that the motherboard looks great and, at least to me, is a welcome change from the ‘everything-intergrated-onboard-but-the-kitchen-sink’ i860 motherboards we’ve seen sofar. To me all-in-one motherboards such as those are only good solutions for a server or desktops that will never get upgraded anyway. For a workstation motherboard I’d rather have as many options open as possible.

Iwill DP400 motherboard

Fig 1. Iwill’s DP400 with two 2.2GHz Prestonia CPUs, GlobalWin heatsinks and 1GB of PC-800 ECC RDRAM, should make for a really fast workstation.

The Iwill DP400 certainly has the looks of a winner, it has 64-bit/66MHz PCI slots, onboard LAN, unofficial 133MHz FSB support, and the best part about it is the fact that it doesn’t use a MEC, Memory Extension Card, like the other i860 motherboards, but rather has four RIMM sockets on the motherboard. This will definitely reduce latency and timing delays due to long signal paths to the main memory, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the DP400 turns in some performance numbers that are better than any other i860 platform available.

Intel Pentium III-S

Fig 2. Two Intel Pentium III-S CPUs, or rather Tualatins, these feature 0.13-micron process technology and 512Kb cache, running at a 1.266GHz clockspeed.

Other parts that ended up at our office today are a couple of 1.266GHz Tualatins, or Pentium III-S CPUs in case Tualatin doesn’t ring any bells with you. These will be used in an upcoming article that’ll be the first in its kind. That article we’ve actually just started working on, so I can’t get into much detail, but it is something we’ve been asked to do by hundreds of our readers. And naturally we’re all too happy to do as you ask, that’s what we’re here for anyway, providing in-depth analysis of the products you are interested in.

Antec SX635 case

Fig 3. The Tiger MP workstation system being constructed, featuring IDE-RAID, all built nicely into Antec’s high-quality SX-635 miditower, more details to follow.

Furthermore, the Tiger MP article I discussed recently is taking shape too, we’ll be building a affordable workstation system around it that’ll blow the socks off of any uni-processor system available at a bargain price. And yes, we’ll be throwing in the much needed DVD and CDRW drives and make sure it is suitable for gaming and multimedia use too. Oh, and it’ll be using off the shelf parts, not exotic ‘not-yet-released’ parts that only we have access too.

Sander Sassen


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