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  GeForce 4, Anyone? 
  Feb 07, 2002, 07:30am EST 
By: Dan Mepham

Good morning, everyone. Itís been a while since Iíve written one of these columns -- nice to be back in the swing of things.

Did you know nVidia launched the GeForce 4 yesterday? I had almost forgotten. I know it's supposed to be a big event (that's what all the Press Releases told me!), but for some reason, I don't feel that excited. And that makes me wonder if we arenít starting to move a little too quickly. Granted, it was nVidiaís rapid-fire execution that destroyed 3dfx, brought ATI down, and all but killed S3 and Matrox as well (although weíre told the Talking Head put up a good fight!). nVidia actually delivered a new product every 6 months, while everyone else just talked about it. At the time, that was fantastic. But too much of a good thing isnít necessarily always good.

The problem is sensitivity. Much in the way, for example, your body might respond to a drug, repeated barrage after barrage of new products that keep getting faster and faster tends to desensitize consumers. Instead of a new product launch being a big event, and consumers being excited and interested, the market will start to grow indifferent toward launches. Attitude changes from ďWow, that looks really neat!Ē, to ďOh, the GeForce 4 is out already?Ē.

There was a time, too, when a new Intel processor, even if only slightly faster than its predecessor, was big news. If Intel launched a 2.4GHz Pentium 4, or AMD an AthlonXP 2100+ tomorrow, how many of you would care? How many of you would even bother to spend the five minutes to read the benchmarks? I'm seeing the same thing happen to nVidia.

Too much, too fast, and I'm starting to lose interest.

Iíve been through at least 5 reviews singing the praises of The Great GeForce 4, and Iím rather unexcited by the whole thing, not to mention a little perplexed by some websites, who, it seems, would probably cry Second Coming if I gave them a fork to review. I'll certainly acknowledge that it's impressive and 'neat' technically; Iíve read the technical jargon out of academic interest, but thatís about it. I'm not excited about it. And Iím starting to wonder whether it's just me, or whether some of you are responding in the same way.

That in mind, I thought I'd ask for your opinions on this. If you would, answer the questions below, and either post them in using the 'Voice Your Opinion' section below, or email them to me personally (your email addresses will NOT be disclosed). Iíll collect the results, and summarize your opinions in a couple days.

1. Are you less excited/interested in the GeForce 4 than you have been about previous video card launches?

2. Have you read any of the reviews of the GeForce 4 around the web? Read many? One? None? Just looked for quick benchmarks? Technical info?

3. Are you considering buying a GeForce 4? Yes? No? Rather wait for a GeForce 5?

4. How would you feel if nVidia delayed its next launch (deviated from the 6 month cycle)? Explain?

Feel free to be as verbose or brief as you like. Iíll summarize your opinions, and post the results in a couple days. Take care, everyone!


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