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  DDR and RDRAM, an Ongoing Battle 
  Mar 14, 2002, 08:00am EST 

Benchmarks and more

By: Sander Sassen

Naturally you might think we didn’t test this properly or have gone out of our way to put DDR in a bad light, therefore let me assure you that we’ve done everything possible to make this a fair comparison. The Rambus platforms we’ve tested were subjected to the same strenuous test procedure as the DDR platforms and we’ve made sure the configurations we tested were similar down to the very last screw, except for the motherboard and memory modules of course. Here’s the configurations used during our testing:

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz Socket-478
  • Motherboard RDRAM: Asus P4T-E, i850 chipset
  • Motherboard DDR SDRAM #1: Asus P4B266, i845D chipset
  • Motherboard DDR SDRAM #2: Asus P4S333, SiS 645 chipset
  • Motherboard DDR SDRAM #3: Via P4XB-R, Via P4X266 chipset
  • Motherboard DDR SDRAM #4: Tyan Trinity 510, Via P4X266 chipset
  • Memory RDRAM: Samsung 4 x 256MB, 4 x 512MB PC-800 RDRAM.
  • Memory DDR SDRAM: 4 x Corsair 512MB PC-2700 CAS-2.5 DDR SDRAM
  • Videocard: Elsa Gladiac 920, GeForce3 64Mb
  • Harddisk: Western Digital Caviar WD800BB 80GB, 7200RPM
  • CDROM: Toshiba SD-M1212 6x DVD/32x CDROM
  • Floppy: Generic 1.44 MB
  • Case: Antec SX-840, Midi-ATX
  • Powersupply: Antec PP-412X 400 Watts Intel-P4-Approved
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro, SP2
  • Disk Configuration: NTFS, four 20GB partitions
  • Resolution/Colordepth: 1024x76/16-bits
All configurations were subjected to an 8-hour torture test where they’d be running a variety of benchmark applications. These benchmarks include; SYSmark 2000 and SYSmark 2001, 3D Mark 2001, SpecViewPerf and naturally Quake3 Arena. Any crashes during these tests were noted as were the settings for the memory timings and the other variables. The results of these benchmarks are those summarized on the previous page.

1. Introduction
2. RDRAM, PC-1066 and PC-1200
3. DDR, PC2100 and more
4. Benchmarks and more
5. Conclusion

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