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  New graphics products on the horizon and more 
  May 06, 2002, 08:30am EDT 
By: Sander Sassen

Welcome back, it has been a quiet month, both for us and the industry, not much news to report on and not many new products are being introduced. But there are some new products on the horizon that are bound to make the next few months pretty interesting. The first is ATi’s new R300 core based graphics accelerator, next up is 3Dlabs’ new P10 architecture and Matrox certainly has got something up their sleeve with their new product now only known as ‘Parhelia’.

From our prospective chipsets and CPU’s are not going to be much of an exciting market until we see PC-1066 RDRAM and DDR400 products appear, which will be a while still as the 850E doesn’t support PC-1066 RDRAM and DDR400 chipsets might not even provide a better performing solution over DDR266 and 333 chipsets. But we covered all of the issues with the DDR400 chipsets before, so if you’re interested please look them up and give them a good read.

The graphics industry seems to finally get their act together and tries to take the performance crown away from Nvidia. ATi has already shipping parts, such as the Radeon 7500 and 8500, that support more DirectX features than current Nvidia products do, and the new R300 core will make the gap even wider. 3Dlabs seems to take a different approach and incorporates tile-rendering and other band-width saving techniques in the P10 architecture, making for an interesting combination.

However one manufacturer has particularly been keeping quiet and that’s Matrox. Although the king of 2D hasn’t had a decent 3D product out since the launch of the G400 Max some years ago they seem to have gotten a whole new design in the works that’s bound to bring ‘Matrox-quality’ to 3D. Rumors circulating the web often mention Parhelia, Maxtrox G1000 and other even wilder codenames. All we can say, and thereby keeping to the NDA, is that Matrox has an interesting product that’ll put them back on the track they strayed from after the G400’s introduction. Whether it’ll be a substantial upgrade from current GF4 Ti4600’s or 128Mb Radeons remains to be seen, but if you value quality and color accuracy this may just be what you’re looking for.

Sander Sassen.


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