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  Intel Pentium 4 2.80 GHz 
  Aug 26, 2002, 12:00pm EDT 

Stability Results

By: Dan Mepham

Test DescriptionResult
3DMark2001SE: Continuous Loop, 24-hours Pass
Prime951: Continuous Loop, 24-hours Pass
Prime951, 3DMark2001SE & Winamp MP3 Playback2: Simultaneous, 12-hour loop Pass
DVD Rip3, Download4, Winamp MP3 Playback2 & 3DMark2001SE: Simultaneous Pass
SPECviewperf, Windows Media CD Playback & SiSoft Sandra Cache & Memory Burn: Simultaneous Pass
DVD (VOB) Encode6, SPECviewperf & Winamp MP3 Playback2: Simultaneous Pass
MS OfficeXP Install, 3DMark2001SE, SiSoft Sandra Cache & Memory Burn & Winamp MP3 Playback2: Simultaneous Pass
Some audio artifacts
3DMark2001SE, Prime951, 1GB ZIP Compression5 & Windows Media CD Playback: Simultaneous Pass
DVD (VOB) Encode6, Prime951, SPECviewperf, Download4 & Windows Media CD Playback: Simultaneous Pass

1 Prime95 was run at High Priority
2 Winamp set to Normal Priority, DirectSound output
3 VOB file encode using SmartRipper.
4 2GB network file transfer to simulate download.
5 Using WinZip 8.0
6 Using FlaskMPEG

Our test setup fared extremely well in our stability tests, with the only hint of trouble showing during our seventh test, when the MS Office install seemed to cause some sound skipping and popping.

Nevertheless, the system performed with excellence. This is more a tribute to Iwill's P4R533 and Intel's 850E chipset than to the Pentium 4 itself, however we feel it is important to evaluate the stability of the platform as a whole.

Suffice it to say, we have been completely unable to identify any instabilities or incompatibilities.

1. Introduction
2. Another Day, Another Pentium 4
3. Editorial Interlude
4. Test Disclosure
5. Stability Results
6. Performance Results
7. Summary

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