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  ATI Introduces MOBILITY FIRE GL 9000 Visual Processor 
  Sep 26, 2002, 08:00am EDT 
MARKHAM, Ontario/ Munich, Germany - September 23 2002 - ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX:ATY, NASDAQ:ATYT) today announced the MOBILITY™ FIRE GL™ 9000 visual processor for mobile workstation, based on ATI's ground-breaking MOBILITY™ RADEON™ 9000 visual processor. Designed for advanced CAD/CAM and digital content creation (DCC), the MOBILITY FIRE GL 9000 delivers exceptional performance, flexibility and value.

Hailed by CAD/CAM and DCC application providers, the MOBILITY FIRE GL 9000 offers design professionals stable workstation-class graphics performance on a mobile platform and optimized OpenGL® drivers for lightning fast 3D and 2D graphics. With four parallel rendering pipelines and up to 64MB of 128-bit DDR on-board integrated memory, the MOBILITY FIRE GL 9000 delivers groundbreaking performance to power leading DCC and CAD software applications.

"The MOBILITY FIRE GL 9000 delivers desktop workstation performance combined with the flexibility of version 1.4 pixel shader support and unparalleled power management," said Peter Edinger, Vice President and Managing Director, ATI Technologies (Europe) GmbH. "With its raw power, rendering flexibility and anytime, anywhere mobility, it is the perfect solution for demanding digital artists, developers and engineers who envision, design and create while on the move."

The MOBILITY FIRE GL 9000 is backed by ATI's FIRE GL development team, a dedicated group of workstation software and hardware engineers who work closely with ATI customers and deliver fully optimized high-performance drivers. The MOBILITY FIRE GL 9000 provides users with software driver options for the most popular workstation operating environments including Windows 2000®/Windows NT® and Linux with fully optimized OpenGL® custom extensions.

Highest levels of performance and richest feature-set on a mobile platform
The MOBILITY FIRE GL 9000 includes a list of new features:

- Full support for key workstation features such as immediate mode interface and overlay planes. It allows users to operate efficiently in both wire-frame and shaded modes with minimal decline in performance;
- Premiere performance in the highest 3D resolutions -- up to 2048 X 1536 pixels in rich, 32-bit color;
- SMOOTHVISION™ technology enhances image quality by removing jagged edges and bringing out fine texture detail, without compromising performance
- Support for version 1.4 programmable pixel and vertex shaders, which allow developers to create more complex visual effects-an industry first;
- ATI's industry-leading power management technology, POWERPLAY™ 3.0, provides users with POWER-ON-DEMAND, dynamic multiple power-saving settings and an optimal balance of performance and battery life;

Other unique features including HYDRAVISION™ software, which allows users to tailor their work environment and improve productivity, ATI ZOOM which allows users to scale back and forth to a preferred resolution at the click of a button, an improved ratiometric expansion filter that provides clearer, crisper text and 2D graphics, and frame modulation which makes 18-bit LCD panels look like high quality 24-bit panels.

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