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  Harddisk Roundup, Heat, Noise and Performance 
  Oct 01, 2002, 07:30am EDT 

Test Results, PCmark2002

By: Sander Sassen

PCmark2002 is a benchmark that does try to give an impression of real-world performance. If we look at the results, one thing is immediately obvious; these results paint a whole different picture than HDtach’. Important factors such as access-time, cache-algorithms and size, platter configuration and naturally rpm now suddenly start to make a world of difference. This benchmark clearly shows that 7200-rpm spindle speed is no guarantee for better performance. The 5400-rpm Western Digital 400AB and 800AB have no trouble keeping up with all but the fastest 7200-rpm harddisks. It is not surprising to see that Western Digital’s 1200BB and 1200JB are not leading the pack this time, whereas they did produce the best results with HDtach, other factors come into play now that HDtach cared little about. The larger platter size, and higher head count of these drives clearly puts the brakes on performance.

1. Introduction
2. Noise Production
3. Heat Production
4. Harddisk Applications
5. Testing and Methodology
6. Test Results, HDtach
7. Test Results, PCmark2002
8. Test Results, Sandra 2002
9. Test Results, Noise Production
10. Test Results, Heat Production
11. Conclusion

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