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  Harddisk Roundup, Heat, Noise and Performance 
  Oct 01, 2002, 07:30am EDT 

Test Results, Sandra 2002

By: Sander Sassen

Although the focus of this article isn’t on performance alone we wouldn’t want to make do with just two benchmarks, so we’ll also use SiSoft Sandra 2002 to verify the PCmark2002 results. Sandra 2002 also mimics real-world use somewhat similar to PCmark2002 by copying files and similar disk intensive operations. Again we see that some 5400-rpm harddisks and in particular Western Digital’s 400AB and 800AB have no trouble keeping up with the 7200-rpm harddisks. And with all three benchmarks combined it becomes quite clear what harddisks indeed offer the best performance. The 120GB IBM 120GXP and the Western Digital 800JB are both excellent choices for a performance PC. On the other hand it is surprising to see how well the Samsung SP8004H performs, as Samsung is relatively new to this segment of the market. If you’re looking for a 5400-rpm harddisk there’s no option but to go with either the Western Digital 400AB or 800AB.

1. Introduction
2. Noise Production
3. Heat Production
4. Harddisk Applications
5. Testing and Methodology
6. Test Results, HDtach
7. Test Results, PCmark2002
8. Test Results, Sandra 2002
9. Test Results, Noise Production
10. Test Results, Heat Production
11. Conclusion

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