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  Datacenters, a visit to Telecity 
  Mar 11, 2003, 08:30am EST 

Airconditioning, Fire-control

By: Sander Sassen

Naturally all those servers running will dump a considerable amount of heat into the building and therefore it needs to have adequate ventilation and airconditioning. Thereís a total of 2Megawatt of cooling capacity available whereas the temperature in the server rooms is kept at 22-degrees celcius at all times. To make sure damage is kept to a minimum in case of a fire the entire building is equipped with a mist based fire extinguisher system thatíll produce a fine mist of tiny water droplets in case of fire. This fine mist will not only extinguish a fire quickly but also prevent smoke particles from spreading throughout the datacenter.

Diesel generator

Fig 3. One of the diesel-generators, placed in a sound-proof room to keep sound production low.

Fire extinguisher

Fig 4. The fire extinguisher installation which produces a fine mist to counter any fire.

1. Introduction
2. Power Delivery, UPS
3. Airconditioning, Fire-control
4. Security, Nxs Internet
5. Summary

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