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  Chip-Con Launches Prometeia Mach II Cooling System 
  Apr 15, 2003, 08:30am EDT 
Hobro, Denmark, April 15th, 2003 - Chip-con has launched the 2nd generation of the PrometeiaTM Cooling System. The PrometeiaTM Mach II cooling system will be sold via official resellers in Europe, US and Canada.

The PrometeiaTM Mach II is the most advanced and powerfull phase-change cooling system for any workstation or high-end gaming machine. The Mach II is capable of removing 200W, and cools the CPU to approx. -50 Celcius. Users experience a CPU performance boots up to 40%, with a lead-time of 8-12 months on CPU speed.

The New Mach II version has been equipped with Windows-based user interface, online error reporting system, intelligent heat control and many other new improved features. The Mach II is suitable for building the worlds fastest desktop, or as a workstation replacement for animators, encoders, gamers and people looking for high performance and stability.

About Chip-con Aps

Chip-con ApS was established as an R&D company in 2000, and since then, the company has evolved with tremendous speed. Chip-con ApS is in constant progress due to high quality products, contininous R&D, top-of-the-line production facilities and hardworking staff.

Chip-con ApS has developed the most advanced cooling solution available. The theories behind thermal acceleration are not new; the technology has existed for more than tweny years. Chip-con ApS has however, found a way to use this technology on modern CPU´s, allowing them to achieve a performance boost up to 40%. The EasyMod solution makes the PrometeiaTM a one-time investment. It increases your CPU performance drastically each time you upgrade your system, and allows users to achieve the performance of tomorrow today.

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