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  New database server, silent PC and more 
  May 09, 2003, 09:30am EDT 
By: Sander Sassen

Welcome back! It has been a slow couple of weeks and for that I apologize, but Iíve been busy with lots of things, including preparing our new database server and that has taken up a lot of my time lately. But donít worry; we got plenty of articles in the works. For starters weíll be looking at a number of Intel 875P, Canterwood, motherboards and will not only try to determine which one performs best, but also look at the features and benefits that the various manufacturers have put into their products.

Database server

Fig 1. The new database server, featuring dual 2.8GHz Xeons and four Seagate 15K3 SCSI drives in RAID.

Next up is a look at the noise production of a PC and ways to counter that. As some of you know Iíve done in-depth research in this direction during my studies and even have a patent pending in an alternative method for cooling a processor, or any other semiconductor for that matter. Weíll take a look at a high-end PC and its cooling requirements and then try to silence it by carefully choosing our components and install those. In the meanwhile Iíve also been looking at a number of projectors for home theatre use, and weíll be covering those shortly, with a backgrounder on the technology used.

Sander Sassen.


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