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  Compex WP11A+ 802.11b Wireless Access Point 
  Jun 12, 2003, 09:00am EDT 

Compex's NetPassage WP11A+

By: Dan Mepham

In most respects, Compex’s WP11A+ is an a-typical Wireless Access Point. We’ll walk through some of the features the product has to offer.

The WP11A+ can, as mentioned, function in the first three modes – Gateway, Bridge & Client Modes - listed on the previous page, but cannot function as a Repeater device. Additionally, the WP11A+ can serve as a Wireless Routing Client, which essentially functions the device as a WAN port as opposed to a LAN port." alt="Semiconductor Physics">
Compex's NetPassage WP11A+ Wireless Access Point.

The WP11A+ features a built-in, fully configurable Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server. The built-in server can be used to automatically assign IPs to wireless devices that connect to the network via the access point. The WP11A+ does also include the ability to reserve specific IPs for specific devices, which adds to configuration flexibility. Fully configurable does also include the ability to disable the DCHP server, so as not to cause conflicts when the device is connected to a network with its own DHCP server.

Pseudo-VLAN and SNMP capabilities are also provided for users of more sophisticated wireless arrangements.

Naturally, the standard array of wireless configuration options are also available. Wireless users will be required to configured the WP11A+ to their appropriate SSID, Channel, and transmission rate settings. The WP11A+’s conformance in this department is perfect, supporting all channels and transmission rates specified by the 802.11b spec.

Wireless encryption is also supported to protect the integrity of your wireless network. 64- and 128-bit encryption levels are supported.

1. Introduction
2. Wireless Access Points
3. Compex's NetPassage WP11A+
4. WP11A+ User Interface
5. WA-HGA-5+ High-Gain Antenna
6. Summary

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