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  Compex WP11A+ 802.11b Wireless Access Point 
  Jun 12, 2003, 09:00am EDT 


By: Dan Mepham

We said at the beginning of this piece that, in a market flooded with similar products, finding that distinct edge necessary to grab the outright spotlight can be extremely difficult. Well - and letís be frank - Compex hasnít found it.

But thereís no shame in that. In fact, Compex has done quite well. The NetPassage WP11A+ has demonstrated yet again Compexís ability to offer products that can compete with the best of the market. Both the WP11A+ and WA-HGA-5+ offer features and quality competitive with market standards, and are priced reasonably as well.

We particularly appreciated the flexibility of the WP11A+ & WA-HGA-5+ combination yet again. The ease of upgrade offers a slight variation on a similar theme that no doubt will be sufficient to pique the interest of some customers. At a going price in the neighborhood of $40-50 for the WA-HGA-5+ antenna, upgrading the range of the WP11A+ is easier and less expensive than most competitorsí products.

Suggestions for improvement center on the finishing details of the package. The AC adapter included had a somewhat awkward size and orientation that hogged plugs on our power-strip, and the Auto-Run feature on the Driver CD did not work. Certainly these are not critical details, but they can add to (or detract from) the polish of the product.

In sum, weíre pleased (if not inspired) by the features and performance of Compexís WP11A+ Access Point and WA-HGA-5+ Antenna. The smaller manufacturer has demonstrated yet again its ability to provide products on par with industry bests. If shopping for wireless accessories, and the price is right, these are at least worth a good look.

Dan Mepham.

1. Introduction
2. Wireless Access Points
3. Compex's NetPassage WP11A+
4. WP11A+ User Interface
5. WA-HGA-5+ High-Gain Antenna
6. Summary

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