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  Asus MyPal a620, Windows Mobile 2003 
  Jun 20, 2003, 12:00pm EDT 

More features

By: Sander Sassen

The PocketPC 2003 standard also has several improvements for the Smart Phone class of PocketPC devices, by offering separate controls for phone and playback volumes as well as offering call forwarding and call barring features. The GSM 2.5G standard is now also fully supported and offers GSM suspend/resume and CDMA dormant mode. A number of improvements have also been added to the ring tones which can now be in WAV, MIDI or Windows Media Player format, thus allowing for custom ring tones and for example the ability to use one’s own recordings as a ring tone. SMS and MMS are also fully implemented, which will enable the Smart Phone to send and receive SMS text and MMS multimedia messages.

Media Player 9 is a part of the PocketPC 2003 software suite, featuring better quality and smoother playback.

On the multimedia side of things Microsoft has wisely adapted Media Player 9 for the PocketPC 2003 platform, offering even smaller file sizes and smoother playback. Playback of high quality audio and video is greatly accelerated on the Asus a620 PocketPC we’ve used in the evaluation due to the fast 200MHz systembus and the 400MHz Xscale PXA255 Intel processor. Microsoft also implemented a Pictures application that stores, catalogs and displays an index of the pictures stored on the PocketPC.

1. Introduction
2. More features
3. Installation and use
4. Software and more
5. Summary and conclusion

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