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  Asus MyPal a620, Windows Mobile 2003 
  Jun 20, 2003, 12:00pm EDT 

Installation and use

By: Sander Sassen

Our Asus MyPal a620 came supplied in a nice retail packaging, which, apart from the PocketPC, also included the USB cradle, a carrying case, a net adapter, documentation and a CD with bonus software. The Asus MyPal a620 is outfitted with a surprisingly clear and bright 3.5" transflective TFT LCD which offers a 240x320 resolution and is capable of displaying in 16-bits color, which comes down to a maximum of 65,536 colors. The MyPal a620 is equipped with the usual quick access buttons and navigation button weíve grown accustomed to from previous PocketPCs, nothing new here. The MyPal a620 however is a no frills PocketPC, and doesnít include built-in support for Bluetooth or WiFi; it does however feature an IrDA port thatís capable of 4Mbps transfer speeds.

Quick access and navigation buttons

The usual quick access buttons and navigation button as found on just about any PocketPC.

Top buttons, on/off and record

The top buttons, one obviously to turn the PocketPC on and off, the other to enable the sound recorder.

Compact Flash slot, with memory card

The Compact Flash slot, pictured here with a 256MB memory card, will accept a broad range of devices.

Although thereís no built in support for Bluetooth the MyPal a620 can easily be equipped with a Bluetooth or WiFi module as it has a Compact Flash expansion slot, which, besides CF memory, also accepts all sorts of CF peripherals. We used a variety of Compact Flash devices with the MyPal a620, including a GPS receiver, WiFi card and they all worked without a problem. All in all the MyPal a620 has all it needs to be used as a fully functional PocketPC. If you do need extra functionality, Compact Flash peripherals can be purchased separately.

1. Introduction
2. More features
3. Installation and use
4. Software and more
5. Summary and conclusion

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