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  Asus MyPal a620, Windows Mobile 2003 
  Jun 20, 2003, 12:00pm EDT 

Summary and conclusion

By: Sander Sassen

Naturally a PocketPC with a 400MHz Intel PXA255 processor is no slouch, and combined with the fast 200MHz bus it is capable of fluent multimedia playback of audio and video files. But due to lack of benchmark suites for the PocketPC platform we aren’t able to quantify how much faster the Asus MyPal a620 is in comparison to other PocketPCs, or ideally, similar PocketPCs running PocketPC 2002. What we can tell you about the MyPal a620 though is that it is light-weight, has an excellent screen, is responsive, the buttons are placed in convenient locations and it comes at an affordable price. As the author of this article and a frequent user of PocketPCs, I can only say that PocketPC 2003 is best described as an upgrade from 2002, it offers a lot of fixes for problems found in the previous version and a few welcome extras with the additional software that is installed, such as Media Player 9. Whether that's enough to justify an upgrade depends on what you use your PocketPC for.

The Asus MyPal a620 is a very versatile PocketPC, although we’d have liked it if Asus had included Bluetooth support as a standard feature. Nevertheless it is a no frills PocketPC at an affordable price that has an excellent price/performance ratio. Whether you’d opt for a no-frills PocketPC depends on your individual needs, most people don’t need lots of extras that only cost more and often go unused. Personally I welcome the adoption of a Compact Flash slot, as this also allows for bigger peripherals, such as GPS receivers and WiFi network cards to be used with the PocketPC. Some manufacturers think SD or MMC is the way to go for the expansion slot, but that leaves little or no alternatives for larger peripherals and thus means you’ll have to connect devices externally, rather than internally, which, to most people, is a disadvantage.

Overall, the Asus MyPal a620 proved to be an excellent PocketPC, with great battery life, easily making it through a full day of extensive use and hours of multimedia playback. On average we clocked between 10 til 12 hours on the battery, which is a little more than we’ve seen from popular PocketPC 2002 devices. If you’re in the market for an affordable, yet powerful and versatile, PocketPC be sure to give the Asus MyPal a620 a serious consideration.

Manufacturer: ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
Type: MyPal a620 PocketPC
Price: +/- 350 dollar, 329 euro

Sander Sassen.

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2. More features
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4. Software and more
5. Summary and conclusion

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