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  Apple's PowerBook G4, it's simply gorgeous 
  Aug 14, 2003, 09:30am EDT 

Using the PowerBook

By: Sander Sassen

So what have you been drinking you maybe ask yourself, well, nothing other than soda Iím afraid. This Apple PowerBook just does so many things right that the normal notebook manufacturers seem to be missing time after time. And the beauty of it is that most of the interface and OS is intuitive, and I have a great way of testing that hypothesis. Enter my girlfriend, 24, cute blonde, never seen a Mac before, let alone worked on one. So I handed her the PowerBook which she accepted while stating that by the looks of it this was a whole lot better than her notebook and she wouldnít mind having this instead. But the really good part about it, apart from the high waf (wife acceptance factor), is the simple fact that she was off browsing the web and chatting with her friends in just a few minutes without me having to coach her or anything. To me thatís a good example the Mac OS X is pretty intuitive, as I had to coach her how to use Windows XP.

Apple mouse pad

The mouse pad is integrated into the case and features a button on the left and right.

Apple PowerBook G4

PowerBook G4 is printed right below the massive 17" widescreen flatpanel monitor.

Apple superdrive

Apple's superdrive, capable of writing to DVD-R and CD-R/RW and reading DVDs/CDROMs.

Thickness PowerBook

The PowerBook is just one inch thick, that's less than most other notebooks.

But even for a seasoned PC user such as myself I found it refreshing to see that the Apple PowerBook immediately found my wireless accesspoint, asked whether I wanted to connect and with the click of a button connected me to it. And thatís not all, as any other device I attached to it, including external firewire and USB drives were up and running in a matter of seconds, no problems, no hiccups, just true plug and play. But the true test was exchanging files between a PC and the Mac. First attempt was the simple editing of a view photos straight off of my digital camera connected through USB and then opening these edited files on a Windows machine. And again, no surprises or cryptic error messages, the files simply showed up as intended. The same with Word documents or webpages, the PowerBook had no problems opening them.

1. Introduction
2. Getting to know a Mac
3. Using the PowerBook
4. Summary
5. Pricing Information

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