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  Apple's PowerBook G4, it's simply gorgeous 
  Aug 14, 2003, 09:30am EDT 


By: Sander Sassen

Okay, you might ask yourself where the benchmarks are, why we havenít put the PowerBook G4 against an Intel Centrino notebook and how the battery performed while using it during these couple of days. To be honest, I just didnít bother, as I wanted to write down my personal experience with the PowerBook G4, and how it fared in the hands of a PC user. In all honesty I must say Iím impressed, I remember working on Macs when I was still in college and those werenít really pleasant to work with. This PowerBook G4 definitely has a lot going for it, an excellent design, intuitive OS and plenty of processing power for all your everyday tasks.

17" widescreen monitor

Apple's PowerBook G4 up and running, featuring the Unix based Mac OS X.

Would I buy one? To be honest, I wouldnít. Simply because the price is too high, or rather the price/performance ratio is not good enough. For the $3299 pricetag I can also buy two state-of-the-art Intel Centrino based notebooks, which might not look as good, nor have a 17Ē widescreen monitor, but will still get the job done. That doesnít mean I would not want to own one, it is just that in my opinion it is overpriced. In essence the PowerBook G4 uses a lot of PC technology with an excellent design, a really nice case, a great OS and seamlessly integrates that into a smooth and fast machine. Is that worth the pricetag? Not for me, but Iím sure other people would disagree with me, and I frankly canít blame them, as the PowerBook G4 is an excellent product.

Manufacturer: Apple Computer Inc.
Type: PowerBook G4 17"
Price: +/- 3299 dollar, 2999 euro

Sander Sassen.

1. Introduction
2. Getting to know a Mac
3. Using the PowerBook
4. Summary
5. Pricing Information

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