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  Apple's PowerBook G4, it's simply gorgeous 
  Aug 14, 2003, 09:30am EDT 


By: Sander Sassen

Granted, Iíve not given Apple much attention lately, and honestly it has been a while since I actually worked on a Mac too. And because we mostly focus on PC related hard- and software there wasnít much to report on, other than posting the occasional Apple press release. On top of that Apple usually is pretty selective about handing out samples to the press, especially with new products. We never really got any ground covered with getting samples from Apple, probably because of that reason, as bottom-line weíre a PC website, not an Apple one.

The Apple PowerBook G4 booting into Mac OS X, which is based on the Unix operating system.

Obviously weíve come across the occasional iMac, PowerBook or G4 cube during many of the trade shows we attend over the course of a year. But we never really had one in the office for at least a couple of days, which would give us enough time to put it through itís paces and become reacquainted with the wonderful world of designer computing that is Apple. Well, it just so happens that Iím typing this article up on a G4 PowerBook and believe me, this machine is truly something else. Allow me to entertain you for a few more pages as I give you the ins and out of this Apple product from a PC userís perspective, naturally packed with lots of images of the remarkable design.

1. Introduction
2. Getting to know a Mac
3. Using the PowerBook
4. Summary
5. Pricing Information

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