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  A visit to Dell, understanding the magic 
  Sep 15, 2003, 08:00am EDT 

Parts and components

By: Sander Sassen

During the press briefing Dell mentioned they manufacture more than 20,000 computer systems every weekday in their Limerick facility, which is enough to fill about 70 to 100 trucks. Part of the Dell business model is that they donít keep inventory, they donít have any parts on stock for more than a few hours. This means that their suppliers must be able to deliver the needed parts and components to the Dell facility within two till three hours. In order to streamline all of this, and process the massive amount of inventory being delivered to the Dell facility, it is equipped with forty hangars where trucks can pull right up and unload their cargo.

Hangar door 27

Fig 2. Hangar door 27, where parts will be delivered straight to the assembly lines.

Delivered inventory

Fig 3. Parts that have just been delivered and waiting to be unpacked and processed.

Ready or processing

Fig 4. All parts are filed here and tagged with a barcode to keep track of them.

1. Introduction
2. Parts and components
3. Distribution and assembly
4. Assembly and testing
5. Packaging and shipping

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