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  A visit to Dell, understanding the magic 
  Sep 15, 2003, 08:00am EDT 

Distribution and assembly

By: Sander Sassen

Whenever you order a computer at Dell it creates a custom order for that configuration and it will be assembled from the ground up. Unlike other manufacturers Dell manufactures build to order computers, they donít have a baseline configuration to which they add parts, each computer is manufactured individually. The parts that are needed to fill the order are taken out of the inventory, scanned in to make sure the right parts are used, and placed in a large anti-static box that is then transported by conveyur belt to the next available spot in the assembly line. Dell has three separate production lines set up, one handles all desktop orders, the other servers, whereas the last takes care of all of the notebook orders.

Parts distribution

Fig 5. The parts are being transported to the next available spot in the assembly line.

Anti-static boxes

Fig 6. Large anti-static boxes are used to transport all the parts of the order.

Assembly line

Fig 7. Assembly line, hereís where the parts will be assembled to complete the order.

1. Introduction
2. Parts and components
3. Distribution and assembly
4. Assembly and testing
5. Packaging and shipping

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