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  The next Pentium 4 processor, Prescott arrives 
  Feb 02, 2004, 07:30am EST 

Incremental Improvements

By: Dan Mepham

Beyond the previously discussed items, Prescott also contains several incremental improvements versus the previous Northwood core. We won’t discuss these in great detail, but rather summarize them briefly below:

  • Automated functional block design & strained silicon technology
  • Shifter/Rotator block added to one of the core’s double-speed ALUs
  • More flexible trace cache
  • Added a dedicated integer multiplier, which results in lower integer multiply latency.
  • Increased micro-op scheduler capacity
  • Improved hardware and software prefetching capability
Additionally, to clear up any confusion that may be caused by the marketing, the following table summarizes current Intel Pentium 4 processors that are available as of today.

Fig. 4 - Intel's current desktop processor lineup. These processors are available at retail and OEM levels as of the time of publication of this article.

1. Introduction
2. Caching In
3. Branching Off
4. Round 3, SSE Gets a Refresh
5. Intel's 2004 Roadmap, Sock-et to Me!
6. Incremental Improvements
7. Something Rotten in Santa Clara
8. Performance - Cache Latency
9. Performance - Cache Bandwidth
10. Performance - Cache Throughput
11. Performance - ScienceMark 2.0
12. Performance - Sandra & PCMark
13. Performance - PCMark & AquaMark
14. Performance - SPECviewperf
15. Summary
16. Appendix A - Benchmark Configuration

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