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  AOpen XC cube, sleek, stylish and complete 
  Feb 19, 2004, 07:30am EST 

Features and more

By: Sander Sassen

Naturally a sleek and stylish exterior which plenty of connectors for all of your external devices is only part of the charm of this SFF PC, the interior has plenty of appeal too to make this SFF PC a viable solution to replace a desktop PC. Not to disappoint, AOpen used Intel’s i865G chipset combined with chipsets from other vendors such as Agere, for firewire support, Broadcom, for the network connection, and Winbond for the other I/O connectors. Obviously the use of Intel i865G chipset means we’re blessed with dual channel ddr400 support and that Serial-Ata and integrated graphics are also included. On top of that AOpen decided to include an extra PCI and AGP slot. The AGP slot comes in especially handy for those that want to upgrade from the onboard Intel Extreme graphics to something a bit more powerful.

AOpen XC cube interior left AOpen XC cube interior right

Fig 3. A look at the interior of AOpen's XC cube, without any peripherals mounted.

AOpen did not only think the outside of the XC cube through, the inside also reflects that. Cables are routed properly so as not to block airflow. The supplied copper base cooler is temperature controlled and lines up with ventilation holes in the case. And all of the supplied cables are of the right length to not only connect our internal devices properly but also prevent cable clutter and obstruction of airflow. The entire insides and the way it is designed is clearly intended to maximize airflow, and thus cooling, and enable quick and easy access to the peripherals, harddisk, floppy drive, etc, mounted inside.

1. Introduction
2. Connections
3. Features and more
4. Manual and installation
5. Performance and use
6. Conclusion

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