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  Homebuilt subwoofer, best performance at minimum cost 
  Mar 22, 2004, 07:30am EST 
By: Sander Sassen

Although we’re still working on the layout and features of we’ve also started to work on a number of articles so we’ll be able to launch with some interesting content to boot. One of the first projects we’ve been working on is the construction of a high-quality subwoofer. Unlike most full range loudspeakers a subwoofer is fairly easy to design and build. We’ve chosen a design which has been popular among the diy loudspeaker community over the years and has proven itself as an excellent subwoofer able to outclass commercially available sufwoofers costing over three times as much. This subwoofer is available as a kit from many online retailers and conventional diy loudspeaker shops around the world. This means you can either follow our step-by-step construction guide and do all the woodworking yourself, or just order the kit for a quick assembly.

Peerless XA-10S

Fig 1. The Peerless XA-10S featuring a 10" XLS10 woofer and matching 10" passive radiator.

Naturally we’ll start off with some backgrounds about subwoofer design and why this particular design is a good one. For those of you that have always been keen to learn the in- and outs of loudspeaker parameters and enclosure design we’ll also cover most of the mathematics and some hands-on loudspeaker design by software to point out the strengths and weaknesses of various subwoofer designs. The subwoofer in question is known as the Peerless XA-10S, which uses a long throw 10" Peerless XLS10 woofer, with a matching passive 10" radiator. These units will be housed in a 30-liter enclosure and be powered by a powerfull dedicated amplifier enabling a maximum output of 105dB at 20Hz. All of the parts needed for this project have been provided to us by the respective manufacturers or distributors, so we'd like to take a moment here to thank Speaker & Co, Audio Components, and Hypex for their contributions. They expect us to do a good job with the project, and we’re confident we will, so stay tuned for an update as this project is on it's way to completion.

Sander Sassen


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